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Naturist massage sauna and jaccuzzi

5 Sep 2011 18:14

We are thinking of adding a sauna and jacuzzi to our massage services in Royston North Hertfordshire. As for the sauna or steam room, which one is more beneficial, or more to the point which one would be more popular. Please email me with your preference.


Mobile Naturist massage website

15 May 2011 20:26

We now have a section of our website designed for your mobile phone. The website address is

It very easy to use, just hover over the phone symbol and one click and you will be calling our naturist massage services, (obviously this only works with your mobile phone, not your desktop or laptop) or one click for mail or to reserve a booking, try it!!

Sensual massage

29 Mar 2011 14:11

Sensual massage

We do get asked on a regular basis about sensual massage, or, are our massages sensual, then in the same breath the conversation all of sudden goes on to sexual services. A sensual massage has no connection with sexual services of any kind, or to rephrase, our massages which can be sensual are not sexual.

New Masseuse Sabrina starting this Wednesday

23 Feb 2011 13:57

Sabrina the new massage therapist is Starting this week

Treatments with ki / chi energy

9 Dec 2010 23:03

The blog section seems to have settled down now and appears to be up and running. I am doing research through my files, real physical files, not the digital ones and will be compiling massage treatments for conditions and oils that can help, these will be the treatments that I offer in the aromatherapy massage section, the treatment incorporates Chinese medicine (yin and yang, chi or ki (energy)) and acupressure, also I will be covering contraindications to massage, when it is not recommended to give massage. Hopefully I should have some web pages on these subjects online by the weekend



8 Dec 2010 01:38


Naturist Massage Blog Back

7 Dec 2010 17:04

Hi all, the blog is back in action, so what'a been happening here at Naturist Massage services. Well the forum's gone, went for an update and it made a right mess of the naturist massage website. My fault I pulled out all the stops on the naturist massage forum, so it had all the features. But the best thing I thought was to put the naturist massage forum on hold for bit.

if you would like to input you can do so on this blog. Any subject on naturism, massage or other complementary therapies, whether you practice hot stone massage, sports massage, plus numerous others, all will be considered. i am putting together a list of topics I want to share with you, from massage treatments to oils to use at home to contraindications in massage treatments and other complementary therapies.

Look foward to sharing ideas



7 Dec 2010 15:02

and again

testing new blog page 08-12-2010

7 Dec 2010 14:45

testing new blog page 08-12-2010

Visiting Naturist Massage Services

17 Jul 2009 17:56

I'm in the process of trying to set up a visiting naturist massage service via our present if any masseuses or masseurs out there who provide a visiting naturist massage service, would like to be included in our listing ,then please call me, Antonio on 07973 616 706 at present it will be free to place your details...there will be a small fee for bookings

Photographs for you

28 Apr 2009 14:26

Some of you have been asking me to take photos for your personal collection, I am more than happy to take photos of you when you come for a massage....and if you just want to come over to have some pictures taken, whether of you or your partner, or both of you, then call me on 07973 616 706 to book. Thank you, Antonio

Time to get our bits out

28 Apr 2009 14:13

Summer is nearly upon us...So like most of you I am looking forward to shedding my winter wardrobe.and enjoying the sun's rays....

All in moderation though...we don't want to overdo it ands burn our bits...and also there are the commonsense rules on safe tanning

Karina starting this Wednesday 12/02/2009

10 Feb 2009 19:26

Karina is starting this Wednesday 12/02/2009
Karina is mid twenties petite and photos will be on the Naturist massage website by the weekend

Maxine and Georgia

30 Jan 2009 00:01

Maxine and Georgia starting this week, Maxine is early 30's and will be starting this Saturday the 31st January 2009 and Georgia is late 30's and will be starting on Wednesday 4th February 2009

The Forum

18 Dec 2008 11:54

Even though the forum is up and running, the email section is still not finished, hopefully this will be resolved today

Cindy Back!

17 Dec 2008 21:28

A lot of you will remember the ever popular Cindy....well, I spoke to her this week and, she will be making some guest appearances after New book early to avoid disappointment

Doncaster Massage Services

17 Dec 2008 21:15

Naturist Massage in Doncaster

The Doncaster Naturist Massage Service is no longer available.

If there are any massage therapists in the Yorkshire area who would like to advertise their services on the Doncaster website, then please get in touch with me Antonio on

Thank you


15 Dec 2008 17:39

Due to a server crash over the weekend this site has been down.

The forum is still unaccessible, so bear with us as we resolve this


Antonio, Gemma, Grazia, Danielle and Lalitta


The forum is now accessible


28 May 2008 20:39

The forum seems to be playing up at the moment, so any notes that were to be posted on there can be sent to us at

Short Video clips

22 Jan 2008 00:04

I've started to upload some short video clips the first one is an eight minute clip of Suzie by the massage room window. The next one is me massaging Suzie

These can be downloaded at downloads

Maxine and Danielle

20 Jan 2008 10:32

Two new masseuses Maxine and Danielle will be starting from the 28th January, in St Albans. Photos and details as soon as I can. Keep an eye on the web site or this blog for updates.

With New Year resolutions and healthy options, and the Jamie Oliver eye opening programs on what we eat, or what we thought we ate, I'm putting a recipe section on the forum. Contributions welcome

nine new members on the u-nude site

11 Jan 2008 13:21

Just added nine new members on the u-nude website, to view send ten photos in of yourself or your partner

New Masseuse in Doncaster

6 Dec 2007 15:20

The new masseuse in Doncaster South Yorkshire, Chanelle, will be starting on Monday the 17th December. As I've mentioned, Chanelle is a model with a national some photographic workshops/sessions will be available with Chanelle and her friend Mercedes, will keep you posted on the workshops up here in Yorkshire. Best to join the forum, where I will be adding photos of Chanelle and Mercedes

New Masseuse

25 Nov 2007 19:53

The new masseuse will be starting on Monday the 3rd of December.

Doncaster open

12 Nov 2007 23:15

Our first day open in Doncaster today...there is the probability of having the massage workshops there...will be on Saturdays and Sundays....just got to get some more tables in....if interested call me on 07973 616 706

Questions: who likes a jacuzzi? Is it worth getting one? Sauna? Possibility of some feedback please?

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